“There will come a time when those who know how to plant will be eating.”

~ Chief Oren Lyons

Plant Dreams and Grow a Happy Life

We the founders of Chai Family Foundation since 2006 have grown, saved and shared our organic seeds and plants. Our mission is to educate our community. We host many educational classes and field trips. We teach people how to plant dreams and grow happy lives.

Best Selling Seeds and Plants

Tomato Seeds

Order tomato seeds and grow your own tomatoes

Asian Greens

A variety of Asian vegetables for your garden


Quench your thirst with these juicy melons

We host informative webinars on regular basis.

Do you need to help for maintenance of your garden?

Garden Planning and Tips

Organic gardens are gaining in popularity as people realize many benefits to themselves, the environment and other living creatures. Expand your gardening with helpful garden tips, how-to guides, and more resources.

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