Our Mission

As a charitable organization, Chai Family Foundation aims to educate and promote our culturally diverse. We teach people how to plant dreams and grow happy life.

What We Do

We educate...

gardeners on best practices for gardening and the time-honored, critical—though nearly forgotten—practice of gardening.

We connect...

thousands of home gardeners, farmers, and others through our network, our education classes and our products open to all.

We distribute...

select varieties from the collection through our website, and our seeds and transplants so that gardeners everywhere may grow and enjoy these treasures.

Our Story

Chai Family Foundation was founded in 2006 by Li Chai and Bei Qin. After we immigrated to United States, and owned our house with a backyard in 1999 we started to grow organic vegetables, fruit trees and flowers in our back yard. In the past 21 years, we have shared many varieties of heirloom seeds with our community.

When we were young, we went to countryside for many years in China as farmers. There were no chemical fertilizers back then, we learnt how to grow crops organically from experienced farmers. We have used our agriculture experience to help many families to grow their crops both in China and United States.

Both of us also taught in universities in China after we graduated and received our master degree in mechanic engineering and computer science from universities in China. We love to teach and share our knowledge with people.

When we came to US, we still love to grow our vegetables and fruits in our organic garden. All of the seeds we list in our website are organic seeds and organic transplants.

We wish you love organic crops as well!

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