Asian Gemmifera Lee & Lin Baby Mustard Seeds 儿菜


  • Organic
  • Baby shoots are large and flat-round in shape
  •  Green leaves
  • 90-120 days harvest
  • 50+ Seeds per package

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This variety has vigorous growth with deep green leaves, and the baby shoots are large and flat-round in shape. It is resilient to nutrient deficiency and cold weather, and it has excellent quality. Gemmifera Lee  & Lin Baby Mustard can be prepared in various ways, such as boiling, stir-frying, salad, and pickling. It has tender and crunchy flesh. The individual plant can weigh up to 2-3 kilograms.   该品种生长势强,叶色深绿,儿芽个大且扁圆。耐肥耐寒。其肉白嫩,质脆,单株重可达2-3公斤。可煮可炒,凉拌,腌制等。

Learn to Grow Asian Gemmifera Lee & Lin Baby Mustard Seeds 儿菜

Direct Seeds: 4″ Apart

Seed Depth: 1/8″

Gemination: 7-12 Days

Instructions – The seeds can germinate at more than 40°F, and the 60~70°F is suitable for germination. Seedling ability of low temperature, in the daily average temperature of 55°F. Growth Stout, the optimum temperature of leaf ball growth is 55~60°F. For long sunshine crops, sufficient sunlight is needed during the growth period. The plants are annual for all growing zones from 1-11.


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