Korean Whit Green Sweet Crisp Cucumber Seeds


  • Organic
  • Heirloom vegetable
  • Heavy yields of small 5- 7″ long pickling type cucumbers
  • 52 days from transplant
  • 15 Seeds per package

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This early-maturing, smooth-green  cucumber has a sweet flavor and good crunch. Mature in 50-55 days.

Learn to Grow Korean White Green Sweet Crisp Cucumber

Direct Seeds: 6″ Apart

Seed Depth: 1″

Gemination: 5-7 Days

Light: Full Sun

Instructions – When growing plants on a trellis, space seed 6-8″ apart and thin plants as necessary; train plants to climb the trellis with an initial guidance. Alternatively, make 12″ hills at least 6′ apart. Can also be started indoors 2-4 weeks before last frost. Cucumbers benefit from steady moisture.



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