Transplant, Beefsteak Tomato


  • Organic
  • Pink beefsteak tomatoes grow with 1-3 fruits per cluster
  • Slightly sweet flavor
  • Flesh has a juicy, meaty texture
  • Indeterminate – Fruit ripens throughout the season
  • 75-85 days from transplant
  • Transplant is in 5 inch pot

Out of stock

Perfect for hefty, one-big-slice BLTs and summer salads, this classic beefsteak is deep red on the outside and even deeper red on the inside. Its flesh is firm and meaty, yet literally bursting with juice and zingy, old-fashioned Tomato flavor. A vigorous, disease-resistant grower, Country Taste performs well even in less than ideal growing conditions, yielding 10- to 16-ounce fruits.

All transplants are NOT available for shipping, only for local pick up. Call or text 408-981-6181 to make an appointment first, then pick up at the parking lot of 1136 South De Anza Blvd, San Jose, CA 95129.

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