Transplant, Okinawa Spinach 紅鳳菜

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  • Organic
  • One plant 8″ -12″ tall
  • Easily the most low maintenance perennial leaf vegetable
  • Thriving in warm, wet conditions
  • Shiny leaves, green on top and purple underneath;
  • Flowers are very small and orange.
  • It grows best in full sun to partial shade.
  • It needs ample water, rich, fertile well-drained soil that is kept mulched and prefers a pH of between 6.1 and 6.5.
  • Transplant is in 6 inch pot

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It is a very nutritious vegetable, eaten raw or cooked. The leaves and young shoot tips are steamed, used in stir fry, tempura, stews, and soups. Try not to overcook it as it can become slimy. The leaves have a crisp, nutty taste with a faint hint of pine. In Okinawa the leaves are often fried and served as tempura. It can also be steamed with rice if it is added for the last 7 minutes of cooking time. This leafy green is also known as cholesterol spinach, and there are many claims that it lowers cholesterol. Young leaves have a much better flavour than the older leaves.

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