Transplants, Scarlet Emperor Runner Bean 红花菜豆苗


  • Organic
  • Stringless pole bean with heavy yields
  • Great flavor
  • Vines grow 12-14 feet
  • Snap or dry bean
  • 58-64 days
  • USDA Zones 7 – 11
  • Transplant in 4 inch pot

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Scarlet Runner Beans possess an amazing zeal for life. They do one thing and do it well: grow like mad. This does mean that you should be careful where you plant it. But it also means that you’re nearly guaranteed a beautiful mass of pretty green leaves, striking red blossoms, and easy-to-grow food: the beans are edible as young pods but traditionally this is a soup bean. Harvest after the pods have dried. Need a spot that needs summertime screening? Sow some scarlet runners and watch your view improve–fast. Needs little tending; just keep the weeds down when young, then watch them go!

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