Transplant, Gawar Bean


  • Organic
  • Stringless Pole bean with heavy yields
  • Great flavor
  • Vines grow 7-9 feet
  • Snap bean
  • 65-75 days
  • Transplant in 4 inch pot

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The Gawar bean, or Guar bean, or Cluster bean or  Lond bean is an annual legume and the source of guar gum. It is also known as gavar, or guvar bean.

A popular type of bean from India, where it is also heavily cultivated. The young pods can be eaten while immature as a vegetable, but the species is most known for its mature seeds, which are crushed and made into Guar Gum, a type of flour. The flour has extensive uses as a thickening agent in food processing and for similar industrial uses. Annual, grows well in warm and wet or arid climates.

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