Transplant, Moringa

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  • Organic
  • One Plant 4+ inches in height in 5 inch pot
  •  Ideally temperature 80-90 Degrees F
  • Frost Hardy: No

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Morigna plants are easy to grow as an annual in the North of America! Moringa contains 46 antioxidants, 18 amino acids and is a complete protein. This is a very special variety from India. Unlike other varieties of moringa, which makes growing it in the U.S. much easier. Moringa is native to the tropics and the subtropics; container growing will allow you to bring your tree inside for the winter. This plant is prized for its very high-protein leaves, its rich concentration of minerals and vitamins, and its heavy load of anti-oxidants! Leaves, blooms, seeds and immature seedpods, called “drumsticks”, are edible; seeds are source of a high-quality oil. WARNING: Roots are reputed to be poisonous, do not eat!

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